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It’s done! I originally envisioned Creatures and Curses of Yamada to be a 4.25”x5.5” zine, as that’s the format I’ve been using for my Tarot zines. But it just wasn’t working.

Then I collapsed last week from back pain, and couldn’t sit or stand long enough to work at a computer, so I resigned myself to putting up just the Markdown file so I could submit to the Forests of Another Cairn jam. Which I was still proud of!

But I’m feeling a little better (well, kind of), and I woke up this morning realizing I need to completely change the format, and here we are! A tri-fold pamphlet brochure featuring 3 forest spirits to be used in Cairn.

It’s not the fanciest design, but I’m proud to finally have a finished product. Let me know how the creatures and curses worked out (or not) in your game.

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